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Earn up to 250% per annum
on bitcoin cloud mining

Start investing in a transparent and understandable business with high margins

See how cloud mining worksWe have created a demo account for you, in which all the functionality is available.

What is
cloud mining?

1 m 22 sec

Choose the equipment
for the size of your investment

Income will be accrued
every day

To bank card
In Bitcoins
QIWI wallet
To the phone number

Withdraw money as convenient

The cost of equipment
increases with the rate of

The equipment can be
sold in the personal account
at any time


Lifetime warranty on your active equipment

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Every 4 years you have the opportunity to earn on the Bitcoin exchange rate

Despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency, on average it shows stable growth. In 2024, another rate increase is expected



30 000%





Minimum forecast 2024

~ of 300%

It's time to invest.
Bitcoin is expected to grow in 2024

your profit in RUB

Duration of investment
Investment amountRUB 30,000.00
Calculate dog
Calculate dog

Net profit

~ RUB 0.00

Profitability Forecast

~ RUB 0.00
~ RUB 0.00
1 year
~ RUB 0.00
~ RUB 0.00
2 years
~ RUB 0.00
~ RUB 0.00
Current BTC rate
Month~ RUB 0.00
1 year~ RUB 0.00
2 years~ RUB 0.00
1 BTC = $75,000.00
Month~ RUB 0.00
1 year~ RUB 0.00
2 years~ RUB 0.00
1 BTC = $100,000.00
Month~ RUB 0.00
1 year~ RUB 0.00
2 years~ RUB 0.00

Cloud mining is a simple and affordable type of investment

No need to install
equipment at home

The equipment is located with us, and you just become its owner

Electricity bills are paid automatically

All overhead costs are displayed in your account
and depend on the type of device

You can start investing
in mining with any amount

Use the profitability calculator
and calculate your profit

Get passive income
in a day

Professional knowledge is not needed to start, since we take care of all the equipment setup

Data dog

Our equipment works in the largest data centers of the CIS

Thanks to the large volume, we can offer you the best conditions for saving and increasing investments

5 thousand devices

We are able to work with large volumes

Reliability and stability

We place and service customer equipment under a contract

Trouble-free operation

We guarantee uninterrupted operation without downtime with a lifetime warranty

Own repair center

We repair the equipment in a short time

Questions and answers

Investing in cloud mining is a clear and transparent way to increase your income

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